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  • Aglionby Academy

    A prestigious school that has produced heads of state and heads of corporations.  Rich young men slide into Aglionby, treat the folks of Henrietta as their serfs and toys, then move on.  Raven boys are a breed apart, gawking tourists …

  • 300 Fox Way

    The house at 300 Fox Way is populated by a large circle of dubiously related women with varying degrees of psychic ability.  By appointment they will perform psychic readings, giving non-specific but nonetheless accurate information.  There …

  • The Barns

    The sprawling property known as the Barns is the property of the Lynch Family.  There is a large herd of well behaved cattle and a number of smaller buildings alongside the large house.  The Lynches do not welcome visitors.

  • Nino's

    Nino's is a pizza restaurant near the Aglionby campus and thus is popular Raven Boys.  They have a rotating series of shift managers that may or may not be related to the store's Namesake.

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